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Eclectus Parrot For Sale

Eclectus parrots are intelligent, gentle eclectus parrot price that become welcome members of the family due to their tranquil nature. They are pretty good with children, though they will not tolerate frantic activity or constant disturbing noise. It will be important to teach children how to behave around the bird, rather than the other way around.

Female eclectus parrot for sale — even those kept as single pets — have strong nesting instincts and might be inclined to seek out nest sites in dark and enclosed areas around the home, such as in cupboards and underneath furniture. Females can be quite territorial, especially during breeding season. If you keep a male and female pair, the female will likely be the bossier of the two.

Speech & Sound

Eclectus parrot generally are not prone to excessive noisiness. They can be quite vocal, and are capable of developing an extensive vocabulary.

Health & Common Conditions

Eclectus parrot have been known to exhibit episodes of toe-tapping and wing-flipping-type muscle spasms, which is thought to be related to vitamin and mineral imbalances. Talk to your avian veterinarian about the types of foods to feed your Eclectus parrot, as well as which foods to avoid.

Eclectus parrot might be more prone to feather picking (pulling out their feathers) compared to other parrots, which can be tied to medical issues and/or behavior issues.

If yours begins to pick at its feathers, take your bird in to your avian veterinarian for a full medical workup. Eclectus parrot are also susceptible to avian polyomavirus, hypovitaminosis A and psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD).

Get an Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus are more likely to be found in avian specialty shops, as well as from bird breeders. Be careful that you are not buying a hybrid Eclectus; some unscrupulous breeders breed different sub-species of Eclectus together, resulting in a “mutt” Eclectus. This will not in any way affect the pet quality of your bird, but should you ever want to enter your bird in a breeding program, its mixed-genes could potentially contaminate the species.

Though this may seem harmless, it is important that the gene pool of these birds remain pure, because someday the only Eclectus in the world may be in captivity, and bird breeders will be responsible for the continuation of the species. Red Sided EclectusSolomon Island Eclectus, and Vosmaer’s Eclectus for sale online.


Red Sided Eclectus



Solomon Island Eclectus



Vosmaer’s Eclectus